We need to make noise on every level to focus public attention on the challenges the dance industry is facing.

We ask YOU to raise your voice -- as a dance artist and worker -- with your elected representatives BY VOTING. 
Early voting begins Oct 23

This November election is a UNIQUE opportunity to make noise for the changes we need to see as a sector.
Use your VOTE and dialogue to create that change.

QUESTIONS ABOUT THE 5 Proposals on the Ballot?
HANDY LINK (Especially for #1)

UPDATE: Not a voter? Use our Letter Template to tell your story to your elected officials.
We've drafted a letter and provided step-by-step instructions to make this easy.

During Spring 2021 we are focusing on NY State's NY Health Act -  that needs to be BROUGHT TO THE SENATE FLOOR BEFORE JUNE 10, 2021. 
Our letter will let you choose your location. Once you've added YOUR letter in YOUR voice from our template, it will auto-send to the correct State Assembly members and State Senators.