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Dance Rising is Growing to Tampa Bay

Our movement of embodied advocacy grew out of a need for survival here in NYC, and now, many other cities across the country are experiencing a need for amplification of the dance field.

Dance Rising is proud to offer our process to other interested cities in the US to begin their own collective actions. Our very first Dance Rising outside of NYC is: Dance Rising Tampa Bay.

You can read all about how they are taking this first step, here.

Tampa took part in our Dance Out | Teach Out in October and now, let's welcome the team of Dance Tampa Bay as they take the steps to build their own version of embodied advocacy for their professional and university level dance community - bringing awareness and understanding to the city of Tampa Bay.

As we grow, we are building on the unity and democratization on which we were founded.

May we ALL keep Rising.

Dancers featured in this video

Paz Tanjuaquio (NYC), Omar Edwards/Freedom Tap, Arianna of Bodystories (NYC), Bailey Grayson (Tampa Bay) Prof. Bliss Kohlmyer's class (Tampa Bay)

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