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embodied advocacy for the dance field.
dance out. be amplified. self advocate.
READ about Dance Rising in the New York Times

WATCH quick video compilations from our October 2020 action

Day 1Day 2

WATCH quick video compilations from our December 2020 action

Day 1Day 2

Learn about Dance Rising's March 2021 City-Wide Video Tour

Videos of over 300 Dancers Rising

WATCH quick video compilations from our Tri-State June 2021 action

Day 1Day 2

We continued on:

October 2021

June 2022

October 2022

Dance Parade 2023

Dance Out | Teach Out Oct 2023

Dance Rising is presented in partnership with Dance/NYC and made possible by generous support from John C. Robinson, The Harkness Foundation, Jody and Harold Arnhold|The Arnhold Foundation, Howard Gilman Foundation, The Village Alliance  generous individual donors and fiscally sponsored by The Field.

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Dance Rising NYC is a platform for embodied advocacy that affirms the importance of dance in all its forms, makes dance visible in a re-opening landscape, and sparks crucial conversations about the future of our field in NYC.

A physical, visible advocacy platform that unites our industry and amplifies our diverse voices and bodies, Dance Rising focuses public attention on our field and engages with stakeholders about partnership and possibility. It also provides audiences with opportunities to enjoy safe, site-specific live performances and celebrates local artists--a potent reminder of the importance of arts and culture in NYC.


Dance Rising is based on three interconnected components that encompass live performance,  video and advocacy:


  • Hyper local dance-outs: an organized, city-wide, physically distanced action of hundreds of professional dance artists in all styles and forms, each dancing at a location of their choice on specific dates and times.

  • Large-scale video and projections: screens across the city will display footage from these dance-outs, bringing visibility to the industry at a time when live performance is on pause.

  • Offering dancers tools and ways to self-advocate for themselves and their field.


Dance Rising was formed in August 2020 in response to the pandemic. It is produced by a collective of NYC dance artists and administrators and is a fiscally sponsored project of The Field.

Dance Rising is presented in partnership with Dance/NYC.

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This is our life’s work:  NYC is the dance capital of our nation. Over 5,000 dance professionals of all sorts—performers, educators, choreographers, improvisers, studio owners, and theater employees-- engage in live, body-based, dance practices that often involve physical contact and group gatherings. This is our life’s work and our economic livelihood.  

Dance is an important part of life and culture:  We are vital to our communities’ wellbeing.  We offer ways to express joy and pain, process current events, and build intergenerational connections through the arts. In 2016, the dance industry accounted for $302,000,000 of revenue into NYC.

The dance ecology is fragile:  The economic impact of the pandemic on the dance industry has been devastating. Most dance professionals lost all or a majority of their work when theaters, studios, and even outdoor festivals shut down in March. As of August 2020, an estimated 90% of the dance industry is still out of work. 

It’s time to figure this out:  It’s time for dance professionals to be seen in their communities, re-connect with their neighbors, and begin important conversations about how dance and dancers will survive in a post-pandemic reality. Support and creative thinking are necessary for this industry to stay vibrant and remain in NYC.

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How to Get Involved

Dance Rising: Hyper-Local Dance Out

OCTOBER 21, 2023



Dancer Giovanna Gamma PC Thomas Wilson.j

Sign up + Dance

Are you a dancer, choreographer, or other dance professional in any dance form?


When you sign up: Choose a class, invent a class, keep us in the loop!

Spread the word!

Sign Up Here


Ajna Dance_Originalshoot_Streetstanding.

Mobilize Participants

Help the Dance Rising Team multiply participants in all dance forms to get the NYC dance industry out on the streets and into video spaces in the City.

Help amplify the event with your own promotion.


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Contribute Resources

The Dance Rising Team seeks partners to share funding or in-kind supports such as video equipment, video editing, promotion, or access to spaces for video.

Reach out and we will be happy to have a conversation.

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Artists have chosen their locations to teach classes and share variations on addresses or landmarks.
Please click on [   ] to open in a new window, then zoom in to the neighborhood you are looking for. The closer you get the more you'll see the individual artists and their date, name and style of dance. 


Multi-colored hearts = dancers and date added to map

Squares = Borough Presidents

Civic Building = City Council Members representing the 51 Districts of NYC

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Dance Rising FAQs

Things you might be wondering

How Will I Get the Information?

Once you have signed up to dance, you will get a confirmation email with all of your answers.  Within a few days of signing up, you will receive an email with links to the DANCE RISING Toolkit, this will include ways to reach out to friends, a movement score to support your creativity, our best suggestions for how to plan your dancing, and information about how to use music for this action.

Please add "dancerisingnyc at"  and "team at" to your contact list so this email pops up right away!

What Are the "Creative Prompts"?

Creative prompts offer guidelines for you to create your dance, in your style. An example is "what does magic feel like" and "use time and rhythm from 20 seconds of hand washing." We are not here to tell you how or what to dance, we are offering a way for us to unite as movers, makers and diverse dancing bodies.

We are also excited for you to share what you are thinking of creatively in this moment.

Are you Offering Music?

If you don't already have the rights to the music you're planning to use, we're offering music options by a range of independent artists who are giving Dance Rising the rights to use their music.

We have a YouTube Playlist and a "how to" sheet with all of the ways to Navigate Music on the internet.

This means your YouTube/Facebook will not be silenced due to copyright violations --  we are staying live, and loud, together. And if you want to dance without music, go for it!

How Should I Film my Dance?

Ask a friend or a family member to help you. It is more fun to have a cheering section who is also your camera person.
1. Ask them to be available to film you on Oct 21 or 23
2. Use your phone, or theirs, whichever is a higher quality camera, set it to film in "HD"
3. Film in Landscape for groups and Profile for solos!
4. Save it. We will reach out with the link for uploading the evening of the event!

What is a Dance Hub?

After a full year of inviting dancers to dance in locations of their choosing, together, but separate. We have asked organizations around the city and state to welcome dancers into expansive spaces and host the Oct 2021 Dance Outs.

Dancers are welcome to come into any of these spaces and dance.

Imagine a giant Open Studio.

Please respect your colleagues, keep music at a reasonable level, invite your musician friends to join.

What is IG TV?

Do you have an Instagram account?  Great. Click to "add to story".  Flick "LIVE", you will be live, dancing, right in the moment - do your thing and have your friend film you with your Instagram account.  Be sure to SAVE this live moment to IGTV.

Here is a "how to" from Instagram

Home: FAQ


Ready to bring attention to the dance industry and our artists?

Have questions?

Contact us to discuss how we can work together.

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“There is no shutting down dance. .... We dance in the wake and the waves of multiple pandemics, and in doing so insist that our dancing communities must be supported. Behold, hold up and help us hold onto the rich diaspora that is New York City when it is dancing..” 

- Maura Nguyen Donohue


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